Friday, 24 March 2017

The largest boulders

Even the largest boulder
can be moved with some creative thinking.
Employing levers, cranes, water
can allow the most immovable object
to be shifted.
The rage and tumult that seems to be
the instinctive reaction to such blocks
may not be the most effective response.
The fury and hail accompanying
an impending storm may
rattle the windows and sting the face
yet may not remove
my seemingly stubborn blockages.

Admit allowing, accepting
waiting patiently for the sun to shine again.
Take a watery approach!
Drop by drop inviting kindness
to gently dissolve the obstacles.
Drop by kindly drop
moment by friendly moment
day by patient day
until the realisation dawns
the boulder is no longer there.

© 22 Mar 17

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