Sunday, 19 March 2017

Enigmatic, elusive butterflies

Words are enigmatic, elusive butterflies
dancing, flitting on the air
waiting to be heard
tasted, touched, seen, smelt.
When mind is still and quiet
they congregate together
wanting to be recognised
to be admitted.
Waiting for the spark of recognition
a sign of being most interested.
Willing to receive
a beautiful collection
of words and phrases
arranging themselves into
a fine necklace or bracelet
becoming a poem.
Here is magic working
being still enough to hear and receive
allowing them to dance and settle
onto the paper
in their own formation.
Be open, be alive
to this creation
forming itself right now.
I am a conduit, a channel
allowing themselves to appear and
be true to themselves.

© 18 Mar 17

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