Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Don't disturb the bees!

Often a poem speaks
what is in the heart
allowing it to emerge
in a way it would not otherwise.
Sometimes it feels stuck
as if the words are
flying around my head
like frustrated bees
unsure of where to land.

I try to reach out
to hear more clearly
what they are saying
but this disturbs the music and
the rhythm and causes them
to buzz angrily, ready to sting.

The words are already there
sometimes formed and
sometimes seeming incomplete.
Be still and
let the bees land where they will
without trying to manipulate them
or cause them to settle in a
pleasing pattern.

Be still and
don’t disturb the bees!

© 3 May 16


  1. I love the way that this is written... :) great job, Lauri!

    1. Thanks very much. It's great to get feedback, especially when it's nice! Btw, I too am left handed! x