Saturday, 7 May 2016

Deep joy, deep sadness

Deep joy that you are following your dream
deep sadness that it takes you so far away
from the home we have built here.
Deep happiness that you can do
just what you want to do
deep sadness that there will be
so many miles in between.
I want to say, ‘don’t go!’
but that would be utterly selfish.
I can’t keep you here
to be always wondering
what might have been.
I will not hold you back or
frustrate your dreams
yet your happiness in going
feeds my sadness
they are two sides of the one coin and
cannot be separated.
The knife that cuts your apron strings
also wounds my heart.
Yet I would not have it any other way
you must be free to follow
your heart’s calling.
And I will not say, ‘don’t go’ or
sow any seeds of doubt.
I will cry silently to myself and
help you pack your bags.
If I raised you to be free
I cannot clip your wings now
to keep you here.
The great well of love that has built
over a quarter century
now overflows and is the wave
that will carry you out into the world
and I cannot hold it back
however much I choose.

© 5 May 16

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