Wednesday, 20 April 2016

This music, these words

Another poem from the mindfulness teachers' weekend. This one is a reflection on hearing Persian music and listening to the words of Rumi read in both English and Parsi.

“This music crept by me on the waters”*
This music danced into my heart
shaking out the dust
like a well-beaten rug.

These words descended as a rainstorm
from the heavens.
These words danced into my heart
washing away dirt
like a swirling tempest.

This music
these words
found a home in my heart
were welcomed as old friends
familiar faces.

This music
these words
were born in my heart.
They have encircled the world
all space, all universes
looking for a place to rest
and now they have come home.

* From Shakespeare’s The Tempest

© 16 Apr 16

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