Thursday, 7 April 2016

The tree

In yesterday’s storm
one tree stirred wildly
moved by the force of nature.
The ground beneath its trunk
lifted as the tree swayed.
I was equally moved to see
this symbol of solidity shaken
to the core.
It helped me to look at
my clung-on-to beliefs and
question their solidity, their permanence.
It appeared the tree could fall
at any moment
perhaps taking others with it
as it crashed to the ground.
My imaginative mind easily jumped
to this conclusion.

Today I had to visit again
to discover if the tree still stood.
I was relieved to find it upright
strong and stable as ever
despite swaying in the strong wind.
A picture of resilience and fortitude
instead of the frailty I imagined.

Letting go of rigidity
it demonstrated fluidity.
Not resisting or fighting nature’s force
but bending with it instead of breaking.
May I find the same ease to move
through life, with life
not resisting or fighting
but demonstrating fluidity,
bending instead of breaking.

© 2 Apr 16


  1. A wonderful reminder of the Coldwell Retreat.
    Thank you, Lauri.
    with a bow.