Sunday, 7 February 2016

I lay down

I lay down those qualities I thought were my gifts
those aspects defining ‘me’
that have instead become shackles.
What previously I clung to
as a life raft
now drowns me.
My whole world has been turned
upside down
and righted again to its proper place.
In doing so
I am free.

I lay down
the shackles of the mind
and embrace words of truth
pouring forth from my heart space.

Heart speaks of true freedom
that is ever-present

Heart speaks of a being
moving freely
as wind blowing across the moors
as wind playing with waves across the sea
as wind dancing to an eternal tune.

I lay down my shackles
and embrace the wind that moves me
speaks my heart’s language
teaches me the dance I knew
before I forgot.
It has been waiting in my bones
for this moment.

© 6 Feb 16

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