Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Burn all the books

I have absorbed
thousands of words
from books and now
I can let them go.
Open the windows of the mind
to set them free
so I can be myself and
not who the words
describe me as being.

I have learnt many things
and knowledge has become
like a cluttered, dusty attic
full of boxes containing
who knows what.
Let’s build a bonfire
and burn all the boxes
set the knowledge free
so I can be myself and
not who the knowledge
defines me as.

My life has become a tapestry
woven from other people’s
ideas and thoughts
that I have collected
or imbibed along the way.
The time is ripe to
unpick all the stitches
let the threads dance on the wind
blowing where they will.
Set them all free
so I can be myself and
no longer shaped
by others’ limitations.

This is no loss
but a great freedom
letting go of what I am not
to reveal who I am
and always have been.

I am no longer a collector
of things or ideas
free to be myself.

© 14 Feb 16

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