Friday, 30 January 2015

The wrong sort of silence

The silence of withholding
of not sharing what is in the heart
is painful, not healing.

Silence that is born from fear
instead of peace and contentment
is indigestible, uncomfortable.

Silence that feeds resentment,
frustration, anger, hatred
is a seed planted in darkness
fed on negativity and mistrust
and gives birth to separation
difference, disunity.

This wrong kind of silence
can be overcome with compassion
with gentleness
towards oneself and the 'other'.

The words that can break
this wrong sort of silence
feed love, openness,
trust and faith.

Let my compassionate voice,
my loving words,
my caring heart
be heard
as a means of overcoming
the wrong sort of silence.

© 22 Jan 15

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