Monday, 26 January 2015

A journey to Plum Village

A car
a train
a pizza
a bunk bed
a Eurostar train
an underground train
a local train
a minibus
and so the journey begins and ends
a slow moving way of arriving.

A dormitory
a relocation
a mouse (many mice)
some mud
an orange sunrise
a red sunset
a beloved community
many bells
recognition of myself here and over there
and so the journey continues
a slow moving way of arriving
with each footstep, each breath.

A minibus
a local train
a delay and refreshment stop
being with uncertainty
an underground train
a rearrangements of tickets
a Eurostar train
adjustment to our plans
a train north
a car
and so the journey continues
meeting friends, making friends
leaving home to come home
to realise we can arrive
with each footstep, each breath
and so the journey continues.

© 9 Jan 15

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