Friday, 20 September 2013

Time and time again

The idea of not enough time
and yet priorities suddenly
become jumbled with unnecessaries
as clarity goes out of the window.

The idea of too much to do
creating a churning stomach
and sweaty palms
and clenched teeth.

Time and time again
it all comes back to
a concept of time,
with the ticking clock
pronouncing constraints
and the flickering minute hand
moving ever eagerly forward.

Judgment becomes clouded,
reaction rather than a considered response,
fumbling mistakes,
badly written emails miscommunicating,
and an impending to-do list
growing ever longer
rather than shorter.

The panic that arises
takes away choice and
propels me into mindless rushing
without time to
stop and think,
stop and breathe,
stop and be.
And here is the answer!

And here is the answer,
in case the busy mind
was too loud
to hear the first time.
Stop and think,
stop and breathe,
stop and be.

© 20 September 2013

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