Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Twenty years ago,
a being came into the world
without any breath of life.
And all his parents could do was
hold him for a while
and wonder why.
They had to let him go
without any of the joys of parenthood,
without any of the delights of
nurturing a new-born.
And the white coffin was so small
it only required one bearer.
And the knitted toy soldier bought
to celebrate his birth
was not needed, not played with.
As time passed by the
deep-seated hurt became bearable,
and two other children came
into the family to fill
the hearts and minds and
empty spaces that only a child can
do for a parent.
Two decades pass by,
and life is filled by many
memories, incidents and happenings,
but on this date
we remember you,
a fragile being,
whose heart gave up
before life began,
who came into the world
without any breath of life,
and whose parents
hold you in their hearts
and wonder why.

© 13 September 2013

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