Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Standing by the Thames

Standing by the Thames,
watching the river flow.
My teacher says
you can sit on the bank of the river of the mind
and watch the thoughts, feelings and emotions
pass by,
or you can be immersed in the water,
carried away by the earnestness of thoughts,
believing them to be real.

The thoughts are only leaves,
pieces of grass
or small branches
being carried along in the wash.

Out in the centre
the river flows quickly and smoothly,
and what comes into the vision
quickly passes on by.
Here at the riverbank,
movement is slow and slothful,
almost unmoving.
Here, the debris carried on top of the water barely moves,
it hangs around once it has come into the vision,
refusing to go.
Looking carefully, there is movement
though it may be sluggish,
even these thoughts,
up close and personal,
are passing on by
if you look.

Be like the fast-flowing stream,
watching what arises
but letting it go,
letting it float on by.
Don't be like the riverbank,
muddy, thick and clinging,
reluctant to let go.

Sit on the bank of the river,
and let them float on by.

© 26 June 2013

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