Friday, 21 June 2013

Retreat flyers

 I am happy to bring you the flyers from retreats I will be running or involved with, in the UK, this year. These are the culmination of discussions between myself and York MBSR over the last three years and at last we have come to this point of being able to offer a variety of retreats. Finding a suitable retreat centre was something of a challenge, and we are currently using two, one in the Yorkshire Dales and one in Whitby. I think they will both prove to be comfortable and useful for our needs.
Each retreat has something special to offer;

  • the five-day one in August is an alternative holiday suggestion and a chance to really relax and shake off the built-up stresses that can accumulate over time in our daily lives or through work. 
  • the weekend retreat in September is open to those new to mindfulness as well as those wanting to deepen their practice, and will be a gentle introduction to mindful practices and meditations that can be incorporated into our daily routine.
  • the MBSR Intensive (at which I will be assisting Rob) is a chance for those who are interested in the 8-week course but cannot commit to that length of time. It combines the main elements of the 8-week course into 5 days.
  • and finally Mindfulness and Creativity, combining my two great loves. This weekend gives us a chance to explore any creative pursuit that interests you from a foundation of mindfulness. It offers the opportunity to deepen our understanding of our chosen art form by approaching it from a perspective of mindfulness.

If you are interested in any of these retreats please explore further on the York MBSR website, where you will find all the details of each retreat and booking forms.
Thank you for reading!

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