Sunday, 4 November 2012

Finding myself in water

The water became our adventure,
showed me myself
and how to be free.

We walked on the weir and
my toes enjoyed the swim as
boots protested they were not,
after all, waterproof.
The sharp shock of coldness
brought me to reality,
brought me back to myself,
infinite being of boundless love
in a human form.

And where the water danced
over cobbles,
its speed unbalanced me
and convinced me I was moving.
looking deeper,

I was the wave that knew
she was water also,
and did not need to be carried along
by the movement of the world.
Beneath the fast flowing water
I was the leaf that remained steadfast.

Where is the stillness
in the apparently unceasing flow?
By my side stood my friend,
who had led me on this adventure.
And she knows,
and I know,
the stillness within.

There is a delight in the
gorgeous palette of autumn,
the sharpness of cold air
not quite warmed by the gentle sun,
the call and laughter
of water, as it dances on its way.

But the stillness within
comes from knowing ourselves as
infinite beings of boundless love.

© 1 November 2012

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  1. I love Autumn too such an inspirational season. Lovely poems Lauri. :)