Friday, 9 November 2012


Who would have thought,
there can be too many commas in a thesis,
but so my proof-reader tells me.

And now I am required
to declutter my writing,
as commas have appeared
like confetti
and liberally sprinkled themselves
throughout my work,
I am sure I did not put them all there!

The rules I thought I was following
appear not to be rules at all,
and those rules I now have,
printed out by my side,
need to be checked constantly
as I reread my work
and delete the squirming tadpoles.

Such a small, little mark,
yet so significant
and such a trouble-maker right now!

© 9 November 2012


  1. Argh how annoying, apart from annoying tadpoles are you finished Lauri?

  2. Very, very nearly! It's got to be in by the end of November! Last push up.