Thursday, 24 May 2012



stop trying to be
Let me tell you a secret.
You already are someone.
And if you look
deep inside
you may catch a glimpse
of the jewel
that is you
hidden beneath
the dusty, musty covers
that you have collected over the years,
as a kind of protection.
The layers that make you think
you have to be
a particular kind of someone.
A wife, a mother,
a loving friend
that does things
and says things
in a particular way.
But if you stop
and listen to your heart
you will hear
deep inside
there is already a someone
who wants to be set free.
A someone
who doesn’t behave the way
she thinks other people want her to,
a someone
who doesn’t say all the right things
and doesn’t have all the answers,
but is unique.
The unique jewel
that is you
only needs a bit of space,
a scent of fresh, clear air
in order to be free,
to find the gap
between the dense forest of covers
that you have collected over the years.
Stop trying
to be a different someone,
a better someone
and let yourself be
really you.
Stop trying.

© 6 July 2012

1 comment:

  1. This made me cry but in a nice way! You write beautifully Lauri.:)