Wednesday, 13 March 2019

You touched my heart

You touched my heart
causing it to burst forth
like a voluminous flower
spilling its seeds
letting its love freely flow.

Take a piece of my love
care for it well
hold it
polish it
look at it often.
Keep it safe for me
until we meet again.

You broke open my heart.
I willingly give all
that pours forth
it does not belong to me
it belongs to the receiver.

It happened when we met
truly met
in silence and space
where words were not necessary
a smile said it all
and we are all the richer
for this meeting.

You have opened my heart
as I knew you would.
We share a common understanding
that love is the vital ingredient
for the world to keep turning.
Love is all that is needed.

© 10 Mar 19

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