Wednesday, 6 February 2019

I invite you to stop

Bring to me
the troubled, the weary, the anxious
the ones burdened by
the relentless stream of thoughts
the ones seeking quiet and calm
the ones seeking space and relief
from the whirligig of imaginings.

Bring to me
the ones who wake
in the night, troubled and afraid
the ones from whom the sweet peace
of sleep eludes them
the ones seeking respite from
an overactive brain
presenting difficulties at every turn.

Bring to me
the nervous, the tongue-tied
the heart-broken, the dispirited
the ones for whom life
is a heavy weight, not a joy.
Leave your troubles at the door
along with the jumble of shoes
the heap of coats.

I will invite the bell
I invite you to listen
to attend to your own breath
each live and transient breath
flowing like soft waves on a quiet ocean.

I invite you to stop
to sit awhile
we do not need to say
or do anything.


to your own breath
to your own heart
and feel peace return to your soul
return to its resting place
in each fibre of your being.

© 6 Feb 19

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