Monday, 14 January 2019

Death befalls us

Witness grief
resolutely clinging
to a hopeless belief
of immortality.

Witness grief
determinedly searching in shadows
constantly missing the light.

does not dwell here
among life
find it in the realms of
angels and spirits
circumnavigating this orb.

Witness grief
hopelessly claiming
‘this is mine’
unable to let go.

does not dwell here
among the changing
seek it in the unchanging
the heart-beat
pulse of energy
singing through silence
sounding through visions
surrounding our everyday life
as a cloak
invisible to the naked eye
known only by the soul.

Witness the ease
with which
death befalls us
as simply as the falling
of a wave that arose
a natural conclusion.

Witness death
as the closing of a door
the turning of a key
never to be unturned.

The only way is onward.

© 13 Jan 19

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