Saturday, 27 October 2018

The fullness of a walk

I have not trod this path before.
P offers to lead and we follow
choosing not to talk
just walk.

The senses reach out
sometimes greedy
wanting snapshots of every moment
sometimes sliding
slipping over fields and hills
the town.

I notice the trees
I am drawn to the trees
my symbol
another portrayal of me
touching earth, touching sky.

We are showered by
not petals but leaves
a celebration of?
I cannot tell, but welcome the leaves.
One dances into my outstretched arms
we dance along together
hand in hand.

Once golden
shining on the tree
now wrinkling
holding the beauty of wisdom and age.

The walk is leaf-shaped
a pinpoint setting out
on a fresh new path
bulging out into
a feast for the senses
new and familiar
knowing and unknowing

narrowing to our arrival point
a resting point
not an end destination
a momentary stop

a chance to reflect on
who we started out as
and who we have become.

© 21 Oct 18

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