Thursday, 20 September 2018

Where shall I lose myself in this moment?

Where shall I lose myself in this moment?
The captivating and addictive qualities
of the latest drama on TV,
or the captivating and nourishing
endless beauties of the garden?
Do I dive into a heady world of
suspense and intrigue
played on a screen,
or do I wander and enjoy
the gentle moments of nowness
alive in the garden?

I recognise within me a strong pull
towards the former
yet also knowing it won’t feed this
current niggle of dissatisfaction.

The air is surprisingly warm.
The breeze is brisk
shaking all the leaves
testing which are ready to dance
in the fullness of autumn.

I choose to give myself up to
the natural world.
Mother earth, sustainer,
peace-giver, soul-soother,
true friend.

© 17 Sep 18

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