Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The universe has other plans

Driving home with a heavy heart
the universe has other plans.
The vast arching sky above me
creates a magnificent, fluid painting

A near-full moon vibrates
with an extra aura
calling my attention
riding a soft bed of candyfloss
pale blues and pinks.
I could not ignore its pleading
for me to leave my cares and notice.

Behind me
the sunset pulls at my attention
begging me to stop
and take in its
breath-taking beauty
a changing scene of
oranges, pinks and reds
pulsing and dancing
a choreographed display
no artist could accurately describe.

When we get burdened by
the cares of the world
the universe invites us to notice
an indescribable vastness
that sweeps the cares away.

© 26 Jun 18


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