Thursday, 3 May 2018

The unnameable thread

Is there a poem here
or a random collection of words?
What is the thread
that stitches them together?

A pile of fabrics
is just a pile of fabrics
until the sewer works their magic
and unites them into a beautiful quilt.

Last week
a random bunch of printed papers
magically transformed
into a beautiful hanging.

What is the magic that
causes this to happen?
What is the thread
that ties it all together
into a unified whole?

So many words
that don’t quite hit the mark
suddenly sounding woolly
and ineffective.
I cannot even bear to
put them on paper.
And yet there is something
an indefinable something
begging to be known and recognised.

Today I do not have the words
yet my heart beats more strongly
because of it
my life feels more full and meaningful
because of it.

The unnameable thread
that weaves life together into
meetings and happenings
knowing and not knowing
seeking and finding
losing and loving.

A single thread that
touches each heart
defines each moment
hidden to the seeker
because it is the seeker.

Give it your name.

© 3 May 18

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