Thursday, 12 April 2018

Welcome, myself!

What is my narrative?
What is the story I’m telling
myself, about myself, today?
Is it the same as yesterday
before and before?
Will it be the same
tomorrow and tomorrow?

Today is a fresh day
a new day
a day to be alive and
to look with fresh eyes, kind eyes
at myself.

Today is a good day
to lean in to the parts
of myself
I’m trying so hard
to avoid or ignore.

Today is the day to be
my authentic self
my glorious, imperfect self.
Today is the day to let
the light of goodness and truth
shine though the cracks
shine inward and outward.

Today is the day to
let the masks fall away
to let the imposter being
crack open and reveal
my authentic self.

Welcome, myself!

© 12 Apr 18

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