Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Let's not miss this moment

It’s been too long and
now it feels awkward.
Where to begin?
Here I am and here you are
what can we say to one another?
Let’s acknowledge the time lapse and
quickly move on.
Our friendship is too important
to be taken down at the first fence.
Recognise instead, we are here now.
Celebrate, we are here now.
Whatever kept us apart in the past
is over.
Let’s not taint this moment
with replaying old conversations
or inventing new ones.

Right now, the most dazzling
Flame bush dances outside my window
made ever more glorious
by a sharp winter sun.
Let’s not miss this moment of beauty
by being caught with thoughts.

Look always for the outrageous
blast of colour
when all else is muted and dying.
Celebrate the optimist, the
brave and daring.
Let’s not miss this moment
by being caught with thoughts.

© 30 Nov 17

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