Friday, 13 October 2017

Don't be a container!

Stop being me in a body
be the creative force
that burns away ego and
yearns to be expressed.
Wait till the me voice
has settled down and is silent
then the creative force will speak.
It wants to be met
wants to be heard and expressed.
It isn’t hiding
it is only covered over with the noise of me-ness.

Welcome it in
the creative force  that will
shatter all your dreams, hopes and fears
these belong to me
to the imagination, they are not real.
Let it burn away the dross
tear down the walls you have struggled
for so long to build
sweep away all notions of otherness
of me and them.

When your me life lies in tatters
in pieces at your feet
let in the cooling, calming breeze
breath of life, to build a life of space
space for the creative force to move and play.

Your me life is too small
too tight, too much of a container
for the creative force to play.
It needs space.
Put down the belief of embodiment
of this little life in this small shape.
No need to take up anything
new in its place.

Don’t be a container
be the space.

© 12 Oct 17

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