Monday, 25 January 2016

Kingfisher spotting

We walk down to and
along the beck
hoping to catch a glimpse
of beautiful blue.

Are you here today?
Are you hidden, or ready to be seen?

Today the path is muddy
in concentrating on not falling over
I miss the brief glimpse
as you dart from branch to water
and out over the stream.

Yet on our way back
there you are
perching on the branch again
eager eyes searching for food.
Your jewel-like colours so startling
against the grey drabness of cold winter
I initially mistake you for a piece of litter!
As you fly
there is no doubt
the gorgeous hues of
turquoise and emerald
dart and flit and shimmer
holding the air itself
stock still for a moment
before flying on
and once again gone.

Many days we come down here and
are disappointed not to see you.
Today we are delighted by the
bright glimpse
of beautiful blue.

© 21 Jan 16

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