Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Tomorrow morning
as you lie cosy and warm in bed
reluctant to arise
reluctant for the day to begin
the feeling of gratitude
that surged
through every cell of your being today
as you stood on the lawn
with the wind pinking your cheeks and
chilling your hands.

the expression of gratitude
that lightened your thoughts
to joy and contentment instead of
being insular and complaining.

the feeling of gratitude
to be noticing
mushrooms in the grass
a worm playing at your feet
the sparkle of morning dew
the openness of the sky.

the experience of gratitude
that led into meditation
providing calmness and clarity
stability and evenness
to the whole being.

Tomorrow morning
when the habitual feelings arise
of snuggling down and
staying there a bit longer
the awareness of vitality
that accompanied gratitude
the wakefulness that was present
in being outside and
experiencing the wind
the morning sunshine
the freshness of a new day.

© 17 Sep 15

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