Monday, 3 August 2015

An elaborate game of hide and seek

This land
full of disguise
illusion and trickery.
Every termite mound
could be a lion.
Every angled tree stump
could be a giraffe.
An elaborate interplay
of light and shadow.
A tangle of trees
an elephant emerges
blending again
Our perceptions are being fooled
by each dark patch
and flickering light.
A nyala darts across our
field of vision and
is gone again
barely before we can notice
before our senses can register.
The long grass shelters lions
revealing only a casual tail-flick
no more.
Revealing only what is ready
to be seen.
An elaborate game
of hide and seek
as trees become animals and
animals trees
in a magic trick of disguise.

© 29 Jul 15

An elaborate game of hide and seek

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