Thursday, 23 July 2015

Heber's Ghyll

This ancient place
where trees and river and
rocks and moss and ferns
sing together
tumbling in a joyful cascade.
Sunlight graces the treetops.
Everything is connected.
Ferns growing on rotting tree-stumps
moss silently spreading over rocks
trees emerging out of the river.
Gentle bridges urge us
onward, upward.
Composting leaves and twigs protect
this place from our footsteps.
The gentle hush calms
mind and heart.
The dancing river lulls a lullaby.
Beauty and chaos in absolute perfection.
The canopy of trees creates
a palace, a temple
of arboreal splendour
and quiet magnificence.
I am enraptured by each leaf,
nettle, grass blade, pebble.
No more bridges to cross.

© 14 Jul 15

Heber's Ghyll audio

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