Sunday, 28 June 2015


In an uncertain, shifting world
what makes us think
we can fix things
hold on to things
create permanence and
stop change?

Is the reality of transition and becoming
so scary
that we prefer to create
make-believe castles where we imagine
we are safe,
it will be better if things do not change?

Change is the aliveness
the vital force that
quickens the blood
sets the heart racing
reminds us we are alive.

It is also a fluid path
where the next step is unclear
the way ahead appears to be
shrouded in darkness
until we arrive in each moment
to discover a place
so full of light
we still cannot see into the future
yet the light embraces our being
in friendliness, in love.

For now, we can let go of
all the holding on,
the grasping that
keeps us fearful
keeps us small
and dance in the light
of the now moment
enjoying the shifting path as
the true nature of our glorious being.

© 28 Jun 15

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