Thursday, 5 March 2015


Today is world book day, and as I haven't posted for a while this is a good opportunity to talk about Thay's latest book, Silence. Even the title really intrigues me. I love silence! The full title is Silence: the power of quiet in a world full of noise. Something that is very much needed. I think we should encourage people to turn off the radios and tvs and computers and phones more often and notice silence instead of ignoring it, or trying to cover it up. Silence can be very powerful, as it allows the heart to be heard. I have often written about silence in my poems but here is one I don't think I have posted before.

Silence is more eloquent

No more words
the silence is more eloquent.

The deep rest in conversation
between one comment and the next
lets the words settle and resonate,
lets the beating heart be heard,
opens up the space in which
being replaces doing,
acceptance and contentment
replace rushing and getting things done.

No more words
the silence is more eloquent.

The heart yearns to be heard.
When internal and external
words are silenced
the heart is set free
like a caged bird learning how to fly.

No more words
the silence is more eloquent.
2 June 2013

And Thay's book is available soon, with this beautiful quote, inner silence does not require external silence. You can get it from here in the UK

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