Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mindfulness is ...

Mindfulness is not
a calm sea
stretching endlessly into the distance
a straight path
with no stones to trip or cunning bends
an empty mind
filled only with clarity and light
an even temperament
untouched by meanness or generosity
a quiet sunny day
meeting only quiet sunny people.

Mindfulness is
a journey
an adventure
a navigation through
the pitfalls and ecstasies of everyday life
a spotlight
noticing every blemish, every joy
a sunbeam
reducing shadows to a realistic size
a kindness
allowing for mistakes to be a learning process
a space between
what is and my response to it
a tumbling, energetic maelstrom
out of which we emerge
tousled, feathers ruffled,
stronger, wiser and
more willing to laugh at ourselves.
© 16 Oct 14

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