Monday, 3 February 2014

Stillness Buddy: friend or foe?

Stillness Buddy: friend or foe?
Popping up in the midst of writing an email,
interrupting my train of thought.
Not now, later!

But this is my job,
to burst through the mindless flow
and the list of 'important things',
the washing-machine mind that never
reaches the end of its cycle.

This is my job,
to remind you of reality beyond
email-land and impinging,
beguilingly seductive internet pages.

This is my job,
to wake up the dormant senses,
to see the leaves tapping on your window,
hear the crackling fire in its grate,
smell the near-approaching spring,
touch the breath as it rises and falls,
taste the cup of tea by your side.

Smile to life in all its manifestations,
smile to reality hear and now,
smile to Stillness Buddy
popping up at inconvenient moments.
Smile to Stillness Buddy
friend, definitely friend.

© 3 Feb 2014

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