Friday, 8 November 2013

I am an angel

I am an angel
whose wings are fettered
trapped inside a human body,
trying to fly freely
bound to an earthly form.
I am an angel
whose wingspan is immense
and cannot be contained
by bodily limits.
I spread my wings
and break my shackles,
imaginary shackles
created by the idea of
being bound in a bodily form.

I spread my wings
and soar into space.
From this side
the earth is tiny
humans pinpricks
barely discernible.
In space
my wings take up
their full dimensions,
stretching from galaxy to galaxy
dusted with moons and stars.

I am an angel
flying freely.
A human form
is my vehicle
for conveying a message
of compassion, love,
interbeing and generosity.
I am coming to land,
an angel
with an immense wingspan.

© 8 Nov 2013

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