Sunday, 11 August 2013

Take my hand

I've just been on a retreat to New Barn in Dorset for a Community of Interbeing retreat which was amazing and wonderful and spacious! And quite a few poems were written, so there may well be a number of posts in the next few days with my offerings :)

Take my hand

Take my hand and I will lead you
to a place of miracles,
where we will glide noiselessly over
scrunching pebbles and
our feet will not make a sound,
we will ride the curled clouds
that cry out for the golden fire
the sun adorns their shoulders with,
we will surf atop the rolling waves
never having to experience the crash on the beach,
we will paint ourselves from the vast palette
the combination of feathery clouds,
blue sky and setting sun throw out,
we will sit silently until
the dance of endless colours fades
to a darkening sky,
and the evening star appears,
we will meet in that magical place
where the sound of the bell and
the surfing sea intermingle.
Take my hand.

© 11 August 2013

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