Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sunlight on the mountains

Flying over the Alps
snow gleaming in bright sunshine
light bouncing off many surfaces
shadows created by
crevices, depths and valleys
that the light does not penetrate.
Yet it is because of the light
the shadows appear.
Light and shade come together,
turn towards the light and
the shadows are behind you.
The snow becomes a beacon
creating more light
and this is what the eye is drawn to
rather than the shadows.
Be a light for yourself
and people are drawn to the light.
Be the mountain,
solid and rocklike in its presence,
grounded in the earth
its peaks rest in the sky, in space,
beyond the clouds of ignorance and illusion.
Be the light that shines
from the top of the mountain,
close to the sky,
one with the space.

© 8 May 2013

What does this mean for me? After many years of practice the knowledge is within, but needs to be accessed regularly through meditation, by coming away from the storms and turbulence of the mind and resting instead in the core stability just below the navel. The breathing is the portal to take you there. The mind cannot resolve the questions of the heart, so go beyond mind and come to rest in the ever-present, peaceful space that fills the cavern of the heart. You cannot think about peace, you can only be peace, and by openly demonstrating peace others will be attracted to it. There is nothing to do beyond accessing that peaceful parcel that dwells in the rhythm of the breath beyond mind; 'body, speech and mind in perfect oneness' as Thich Nhat Hanh would say. Go there often! When the mind is disturbed, uncertain, hesitant or fearful, especially when it is fearful. 'Have the courage, the wisdom, and the joy to practice' (as Thich Nhat Hanh also says).
What does it mean for you?

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