Friday, 4 January 2013

The unmoving quiet

What do you want from meditation?
Peace of mind.
I cannot give you peace of mind
you already have it.
But I don't feel peaceful.
I am agitated, restless, dissatisfied.
Peace does not come and go,
it is the foundation of everything you experience
even the restless, dissatisfied agitation.

It is the calm, unmoving base of the ocean
undisturbed by the waves rolling above.
It is the cool, pale blue sky
untouched by the thunder clouds that come and go.
It is the firm and unshakeable trunk of a tree
unmoved by the tumultuous shudders of a howling wind.
It is the empty and free space
that is unlocked from the centre of your heart when you fall quiet.

Agitation, restlessness and dissatisfaction come and go, they pass
and when they do, peace is left,
the unmoving quiet that accepts the disturbance
but does not embrace it as its own.
It is the essence of your being
resting in the centre of your heart.
When you welcome it as yours
it is unmovable, untouched and unshakeable.

©  4 January 2013

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